My name is Nate, found on this site as Natenanimous, and I play Lifebloom. I may refer to myself as “she” when I’m speaking about my character, though I actually possess a very nice Y chromosome. It is best not to worry about this.

I created Lifebloom with the idea of having a character who levelled all the way to 80 without killing anything, through healing in the random dungeon system. Alicia’s kindly mage helped me reach a high enough level to start using the random dungeon tool, at which point we realized that she had a paladin who could tank, and that we could dungeon-level together. We haven’t looked back.

Lifebloom is a druid’s druid, curious and pacifist. She does not attack things, with the exception of totems and the occasional mechanical alarm-o-bot thing. Nothing else. It doesn’t matter if I have full mana, the tank has full health, and maybe applying a moonfire to that mob would be a good idea. Lifebloom does not participate in such violence.

She enjoys climbing things, and can often be found, in the middle of pulls, hopping about to get on top of something — a rock, a tree, a ledge, a candle holder, whatever’s higher up than the ground.

She is also a vegan, believes that skinning is murder, encourages bosses to flee so we don’t have to kill them, and has a thing for mana spring totems. They’re just so alluring.

When dps is being awful, I’ll try to steer them in the right direction in the hope that they are perhaps simply new to the game and ignorant of certain game mechanics or strategies. When they refuse to listen, then things get interesting.

If I don’t heal you, it’s probably your own fault. Or, y’know, I was busy climbing something. It could really be either/or.