Alicia (aka Monkey) is Leighroy. I write my posts in charcoal. If you’re not colour blind, this will indicate when I’m contributing to Nate’s posts, or he to mine.  If you are…you’ll just have to guess.  :)  I’m also kind of the site technician–I fiddle with the layout, resize screenshots, categorize posts, and make it all pretty.

I created Leighroy because I’m punny.  She will eventually obtain the Jenkins title.

Yes, I’m lame.

Not long after I began playing Leigh, I came to the realization that paladins are a lot of fun to play.  She lost my interest to a mage and a druid, however, before Nate rolled Lifebloom.

My mage, Leyli, helped Bloom achieve level 16 without killing anything, at which point I believe it occurred to us that Leigh could be her tank, and Bloom set about catching up.  Eventually, I paused experience on Leigh in order to facilitate this process. She was level 25 or so at the time, and as a result, she hasn’t really stepped outside Stormwind in a long while.

Leigh isn’t the type of girl to take shit from anyone, and has a full Ignore list as a result. She doesn’t hesitate to call out players that are being stupid or annoying. It never ceases to amaze how many dps seem to feel a sense of entitlement when there’s so damn many of them.

Leighroy, unlike her namesake, is known for her careful pulls. She’s also known for her ridiculous dps–she can double the next highest with little more than auto-attack. I think that speaks more to them than it does to her…