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aka Leigh and Bloom vs Totems and/or Mind Control.

One thing we’ve found we can count on DPS for, is being more interested in hitting mobs than helping out.

We have experienced many, many instances with totems that should be taken care of by the DPS.  However, it’s far more often that Bloom or myself are the ones attacking them.  Now, while this is ridiculously annoying, it’s not necessarily that dangerous.

…until you get into the realm of mind control totems.

Evil Leighroy takes a swing at Symitar-Dethecus.

Now, if the DPS is the victim of a totem such as this, that’s ok.  I’ll probably be the only one killing the totem, but no one gets too hurt.

However, if I’m the one being mind controlled…people die.

I’m not joking.

I have killed teammates under the influence of these totems.  I believe I may have even caused a wipe once.  And sometimes, we’re only saved by Bloom’s desperate moonfire-spam.  And as you can see by the screenshot, I’ve almost taken care of poor Symitar, too.

(Bloom says: sometimes she even stuns me, to keep me from healing the dps while she slaughters them. She feels neither mercy nor remorse.)

Often, I relish this.  Perhaps given a little fear, a DPS will be more willing to take care of totems.  Also, it’s kind of fun to see how OP I am  :)

Moral: Always kill totems.  ALWAYS.



At least I have chicken...

Last night, Bloom and I were sitting in queue, waiting an impossibly long minute or so for our next instance group, when Loliana of my main guild texted me.


There had been talk earlier of perhaps running this.  I had suggested a few days ago that perhaps Bloom and I should try to get all the dungeon achievements.  We’re already well on our way, and you never know when they’re going to start giving rewards, or turning old achievements into feats of strength because they’ve gone and updated the raids.

So, when Molten Core was mentioned, I told Loli that Bloom and I would probably be interested (whereas my main would not–I like to get specific groups of achievements on specific characters so as not to overwhelm myself), and after she texted me, I whispered her and Bloom and I began running.

…We have no flight paths to speak of.  It’s rather hillarious actually.

One nice thing about the patch in which they introduced the new dungeon system is that any level can use any summoning stone now, so eventually we got a summon there, and as many of us were alts, the bulk of us went through BRD to get attuned.  Once inside, we killed all of the bosses, got our achievement, and then decided to go to Blackwing Lair (BWL) as well.

It turned out that BWL still required attunement too, which involved an Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS) run!!

This was exciting, as that’s where the Leeroy achievement takes place–kill 50 Rookery Whelps in 15 seconds or less.

Our first run was a fail.  We didn’t group up the whelps properly, and the achievement didn’t happen, and then one of the bosses was killed too fast and it stalled the instance.  So, out we went (after some creative alt-hopping and summoning), reset the instance, and tried again.

When our dear hunter ran through independant of the tank (he wasn’t on Vent), we thought all hope of the title was lost.  But seeing there were twenty left to go, I went in and hit Consecrate a bit, and BAM!  Jenkins title!

I think I need a Westfall Chicken now, so I can say, “At least I have Chicken”.

Almost as often as we run with TERRIBLE dps, we run with good ones.  Often, we forget to take screenshots because nothing bad has happened. 

This time, I made a point of it! 

Psychedelia of Hellscream, with his DPS of Awesome

It’s not often my damage output is approached, nevermind beaten, by anyone.  It’s even less likely that the person beating me isn’t a complete jerk.  However, we had a lot of fun last night in Blackrock DepthsThe DPS were nice, competent, and in one case, completely badass. 

After killing High Interrogator Gerstahn, who is required for completion of the random (and acquisition of a shiny bag of loots), I asked if anyone wanted to carry on, and lead them to Bael’GarI’d had a hunch that, all this time, we had been doing the instance backwards. 

Turns out I was right!  We hit Bael’Gar first, ended up having to kill some spectators, jumped in the Ring of Law, and carried on our merry way for about 45 minutes in total.  We made it to Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, which Bloom and I have accomplished once before, but never with such ease as this particular run.  And with Bloom and my levels being the highest in the group, the Emperor must have been red to at least two of our teammates. 

Thanks to a group of polite, cautious, knowledgeable players, and Psychedelia’s sick dps, we beat BRD easily.  <3!

aka Leigh and Bloom vs the Sabotaging Hunter.

It was a Sunken Temple run like any other…I weaved my way through the instance, guiding my party members with my mad leet directional skills.  We had killed all of the trolls on the upper level and had descended to the lower, smushing dragons as we went.  On our way to Jammal’an the Prophet, one of my teammates posed a question: would we be killing Atal’alarion?

Normally, we skip this boss–generally speaking, no one wants to bother going into the basement of an already very long dungeon to kill a boss that needs to be unlocked with a puzzle, and whose loot table is rather small.  I had killed him once before in the possibly hundreds of times Bloom and I had been to this instance.  But our peer needed him for a quest, so we killed the Prophet and obliged him.

(I may have possibly pulled a fail move and jumped down from the middle, but shh, don’t tell anyone!)

At any rate, we got down there and began clearing out trash, which was going pretty well, but our hunter, a charming individual named Porktits, was being impatient and pulling groups by herself.  I asked her to stop, and promptly set her waiting at one of the statues to keep her out of trouble.

After I had carried on and set two more people at statues, I can only assume it dawned on her what I had done.  Either that, or she made a mistake and was so startled that she only typed the first two letters of an expletive…

She said, “fu” in party chat, to which I responded with, “?”

Seconds later, someone exclaimed that she had cast a volley into a group on the second level, and that angry mobs were running up to visit us.

I assumed the worst of her.

“Drop group.” I told Bloom in guild chat.

She and I both did so, and were saved from a gruesome death at the hands of undead tree things.  Yay!

Moral: Uh, when instances are set up to teleport you out upon leaving the group, it’s hard to fuck people over by pulling mobs onto them.  So an idea is, to not try it.  Everyone will be happier, and will have more experience and fewer repair bills, if you don’t try to fuck everyone over.

aka Leigh and Bloom vs the Tremendously Epic Shaman.

I appreciate good gear as much as the next player…but I also appreciate modesty.

When we first entered Inner Mauradon with Shammyshock (I’ll confirm the server later), he wasted no time before linking all of his gear, boasting, and running off to agro things by himself.

My first thought was, “God, I need to beat his dps…” and my second thought was, “I really hope he dies.”

As we carried on through this short instance, Shammyshock continued to gloat.  Eventually, I informed him that he was ridiculously annoying.  He responded with something like, “It’s just because I’m better than all of you put together!”

We had to endure him through LandslideDuring the trash leading up to Princess Theradras, he became slightly more bold and arrogant, and Lifebloom suggested he demonstrate his prowess by taking down the next two earth elementals by himself.  He began, but the hunter in our group accidentally pulled one off, and I tanked it.

He was rather pleased with his accomplishment, but Bloom wasn’t impressed.  She said, “The hunter pulled one off you!  You should take the next group.”

I said in guild chat, “30 seconds til we can boot him!”

He stood up from drinking, prepared to run in…And I initiated a vote to kick him, which obviously passed.

Our Princess kill was mercifully quiet.  Silence, in this case, is Epic.

In the end, I didn’t beat him in DPS, nor did he die…but he beat me by very little, a percent or less if I remember correctly, and I was in blues, greens, and heirloom gear.  I think that speaks volumes about his skill level.

Moral: Just because you have high DPS does not necessarily mean that people will put up with your bullshit, and just because you’re over-geared does not necessarily mean that you’re a good player.

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