Leighroy and Lifebloom are now big damn level 80s. Upon this happy occasion, we began hitting heroic dungeons pretty hard. Two days into our life as 80s, we both have three pieces of tier 9 gear through emblems of triumph. We’ve also captured Wintergrasp, played in some random battlegrounds, and been ass-whooped in a practice arena match. Turns out you can collect emblems really damn fast when you’re a tank and healer duo with instant queues all the time, every time.

We haven’t been writing much lately, and that is, once again, the dps’ fault. Specifically, they haven’t been as horrible ever since we hit Northrend. We still meet a few bad ones, but seldom bad enough to warrant taking the effort to write a full post.

So instead, I’ll post a few short stories in one shiny post, concerning our adventures with Northend dps.

– We met a hunter in Halls of Stone who had a fishing pole equipped. We took note but didn’t say anything until he rolled need on a BoE dagger and won it, but did not equip it. Then I began to ask him why he had his fishing pole equipped and not his shiny new weapon. I asked a few times and he didn’t answer. At one point he used it to smack an iron dwarf in melee. Finally his friend, who was in the group with us, told me that he had just forgotten to unequip it and it didn’t matter because hunters use bows. I just sort of /sighed.

– A high gearscore mage in heroic Nexus very quickly began pulling mobs for us. He pulled a single mob and burned it down before it could touch him, then pulled three and they started to kill him. Leigh asked him if he’d like to tank. He died. I asked him if he was going to keep doing that. So he called us gay and left the group. Oh, stupid mage, your words sting so!

– Fun in the Occulus. In one group a hunter got his amber drake, flew into a ton of enemy drakes, and died. “Where were my heals, green healing drake?” he shouted. “ffs!” Leigh explained to him that green drakes don’t get healing abilities until the last fight. He didn’t apologize. In another run, a shaman was the group leader instead of Leigh, putting her into the second slot on my party frame. Druids are creatures of habit, so I asked if she could make the tank the leader so I wasn’t always automatically clicking on the wrong person in a crisis. She said no, she couldn’t do that. So I stopped healing her, until she asked, where are my heals? I replied, where is my tank as party leader? She made Leigh leader, and got her heals. Win-win!

– We still meet quite a few warlocks who don’t soulstone the healer, and/or lifetap themselves to the point of death and then yell for healing. There are good locks too. But please, warlocks, try to lifetap in increments if you can, not all at once. I’ll throw a hot on you and it’s all good. Better yet, try to wait until you take some damage, and then lifetap a few times when I toss a rejuv on you. But I get annoyed when I have to heal you up from 10 health to full every two or three pulls.

– There was a hunter in heroic Utgarde Keep. We had joined the party in mid-dungeon, before the first boss, and we wondered why their last tank and healer had left. The hunter then began to pull aggro, run into groups of mobs, laugh about it, and claim he could tank the dungeon himself by kiting. I told him to go ahead, see if he got any heals. Leigh told him that she could see why their last tank and healer left. He shut up and stopped being a complete asshat after that.

Three of those stories involved hunters. I’m sorry your class is so full of bad examples of how to play your class, hunters. There are good hunters too! Really!

Moral: Dps have gotten better, overall. But some of them are still awful.

Roll on heroics!