aka Leigh and Bloom vs Totems and/or Mind Control.

One thing we’ve found we can count on DPS for, is being more interested in hitting mobs than helping out.

We have experienced many, many instances with totems that should be taken care of by the DPS.  However, it’s far more often that Bloom or myself are the ones attacking them.  Now, while this is ridiculously annoying, it’s not necessarily that dangerous.

…until you get into the realm of mind control totems.

Evil Leighroy takes a swing at Symitar-Dethecus.

Now, if the DPS is the victim of a totem such as this, that’s ok.  I’ll probably be the only one killing the totem, but no one gets too hurt.

However, if I’m the one being mind controlled…people die.

I’m not joking.

I have killed teammates under the influence of these totems.  I believe I may have even caused a wipe once.  And sometimes, we’re only saved by Bloom’s desperate moonfire-spam.  And as you can see by the screenshot, I’ve almost taken care of poor Symitar, too.

(Bloom says: sometimes she even stuns me, to keep me from healing the dps while she slaughters them. She feels neither mercy nor remorse.)

Often, I relish this.  Perhaps given a little fear, a DPS will be more willing to take care of totems.  Also, it’s kind of fun to see how OP I am  :)

Moral: Always kill totems.  ALWAYS.