aka Leigh and Bloom versus the DPS Who Really Ought To Be Ashamed Of Themselves By Now

You know who you are. You roll into a dungeon, the big, strong dps, the damage dealers, the ones who put up the big numbers and make the bad guys fall down. And then suddenly the tank steamrolls the whole dungeon, leaves you in the dust, and puts you to absolute shame.

This is understandable sometimes at low levels, especially with paladin tanks. But Leighroy does this regularly even still, at level 65. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been generally getting better. She typically only does about 35-40% of the group’s damage these days, a handful of people can beat her pure dps score (though very, very few beat her overall damage), and the trend has been positive. But every once in a while …

Every once in a while, this happens. This recount was recorded during an Underbog run, and no, I didn’t rig it by not resetting. That’s the full run, start to finish.

What we have right here is a tank doing 52% of the group’s damage while simultaneously blowing their dps out of the water, at level 65. That sort of thing really shouldn’t happen anymore. I know, I know, two of them are warriors, but we’ve seen a warrior doing 650 dps — they are capable.

I need to add that we’re not calling out the people in that recount. They were a fairly friendly bunch, and fine enough to group with. We tend to get chatty with groups we like, whereas when we don’t like a group, all the conversation is in guild chat where they can’t see it, and this was definitely a chatty group.

Moral: How we long for the day when there will be three damage dealers on top of the charts, with Leigh in fourth. I’m not convinced it will ever happen. We still haven’t even hit two yet, and one is such a rare happenstance that we take note of it and cheer.