At least I have chicken...

Last night, Bloom and I were sitting in queue, waiting an impossibly long minute or so for our next instance group, when Loliana of my main guild texted me.


There had been talk earlier of perhaps running this.  I had suggested a few days ago that perhaps Bloom and I should try to get all the dungeon achievements.  We’re already well on our way, and you never know when they’re going to start giving rewards, or turning old achievements into feats of strength because they’ve gone and updated the raids.

So, when Molten Core was mentioned, I told Loli that Bloom and I would probably be interested (whereas my main would not–I like to get specific groups of achievements on specific characters so as not to overwhelm myself), and after she texted me, I whispered her and Bloom and I began running.

…We have no flight paths to speak of.  It’s rather hillarious actually.

One nice thing about the patch in which they introduced the new dungeon system is that any level can use any summoning stone now, so eventually we got a summon there, and as many of us were alts, the bulk of us went through BRD to get attuned.  Once inside, we killed all of the bosses, got our achievement, and then decided to go to Blackwing Lair (BWL) as well.

It turned out that BWL still required attunement too, which involved an Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS) run!!

This was exciting, as that’s where the Leeroy achievement takes place–kill 50 Rookery Whelps in 15 seconds or less.

Our first run was a fail.  We didn’t group up the whelps properly, and the achievement didn’t happen, and then one of the bosses was killed too fast and it stalled the instance.  So, out we went (after some creative alt-hopping and summoning), reset the instance, and tried again.

When our dear hunter ran through independant of the tank (he wasn’t on Vent), we thought all hope of the title was lost.  But seeing there were twenty left to go, I went in and hit Consecrate a bit, and BAM!  Jenkins title!

I think I need a Westfall Chicken now, so I can say, “At least I have Chicken”.