aka Leigh and Bloom versus the Rudekin

Sometimes you wonder why you even bother.

Leighroy and I have been rocking the low-level Outland dungeons pretty hard the last few days. For the most part this has actually gone pretty well. No one can beat Leigh on the damage charts yet, and some of the Death Knights we meet are still pretty bad at their jobs (while some are quite good), but for the most part things have been going smoothly. But every once in a while …

We hit Blood Furnace for the nth time, and on the first pull our boomkin, Erustari from the Gul’dan server, took aggro with his AoE. His fault in a way for not waiting long enough, but that’s okay, it happens. Even though he was standing right next to the tank when he took this aggro, he began to run around the room, forcing Leigh to chase his mobs down to get them off him. We pointed out that he should stay next to the tank.

Apparently he didn’t like this plan, because he ran ahead of the group and body-pulled some more adds, running them back to us. He offered some half-assed explanation that they were stealthed, even though they weren’t. He then began to laugh and tell us that he was just fucking around. I told him not to, so of course he insulted me.

Rather than leave his sorry ass and drop group, I told him that he wouldn’t get any more heals from me. He continued to be rude. So Leigh looked at the random dungeon debuff time remaining and told him that he had ten minutes to redeem himself.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because when that runs out, we’re kicking you.”

Rather than take this opportunity to heart, he began to argue with her and make up excuses for his behaviour, claiming that we had attacked him and he was only defending himself. He then resolved to continue being an ass because we were going to kick him anyway. Leigh told him that she wouldn’t if only he would shut up and do his job.

For a miracle, at that point he actually did. I don’t think a single other word was said through the whole run except to congratulate someone who levelled. We finished the dungeon and went our separate ways. And I put him on my ignore list, because seriously, I don’t heal people who insult us.

Other highlights of the night’s excursions include a pair of mages who informed us they were “gangsta”, talked incomprehensibly among themselves, pulled groups of mobs and then ran to the tank, then insulted Leigh and laughed about it. Needless to say, we left those idiots behind and went somewhere else.

There was also a great incident in Slave Pens where one of the dps swam out toward Quagmirran, the end boss, with the tank nowhere around. Leigh asked him what he was doing, so he turned around and said “lol”.

“Ohahahaha, getting yourself killed,” said Leigh. “lol / ahaha / :P / it’s sooooooo funny when dps do things they’re not supposed to! / ahahahaha / ahaha”

The dps lolled again as we killed the boss, and smiled, and apparently thought he had done a great job.

“In case you were wondering,” said Leigh, “I was being very, very sarcastic.”

The poor dps left the group without replying to that. Maybe with a lesson learned? We can only hope.

Moral: I know you’re playing to have fun, but so is everyone else. Being rude to people and “fucking around” to make things harder for them is not fun. It’s selfish, and we will kick you for it if you insist on being an ass.