Almost as often as we run with TERRIBLE dps, we run with good ones.  Often, we forget to take screenshots because nothing bad has happened. 

This time, I made a point of it! 

Psychedelia of Hellscream, with his DPS of Awesome

It’s not often my damage output is approached, nevermind beaten, by anyone.  It’s even less likely that the person beating me isn’t a complete jerk.  However, we had a lot of fun last night in Blackrock DepthsThe DPS were nice, competent, and in one case, completely badass. 

After killing High Interrogator Gerstahn, who is required for completion of the random (and acquisition of a shiny bag of loots), I asked if anyone wanted to carry on, and lead them to Bael’GarI’d had a hunch that, all this time, we had been doing the instance backwards. 

Turns out I was right!  We hit Bael’Gar first, ended up having to kill some spectators, jumped in the Ring of Law, and carried on our merry way for about 45 minutes in total.  We made it to Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, which Bloom and I have accomplished once before, but never with such ease as this particular run.  And with Bloom and my levels being the highest in the group, the Emperor must have been red to at least two of our teammates. 

Thanks to a group of polite, cautious, knowledgeable players, and Psychedelia’s sick dps, we beat BRD easily.  <3!