aka Leigh and Bloom vs the Tremendously Epic Shaman.

I appreciate good gear as much as the next player…but I also appreciate modesty.

When we first entered Inner Mauradon with Shammyshock (I’ll confirm the server later), he wasted no time before linking all of his gear, boasting, and running off to agro things by himself.

My first thought was, “God, I need to beat his dps…” and my second thought was, “I really hope he dies.”

As we carried on through this short instance, Shammyshock continued to gloat.  Eventually, I informed him that he was ridiculously annoying.  He responded with something like, “It’s just because I’m better than all of you put together!”

We had to endure him through LandslideDuring the trash leading up to Princess Theradras, he became slightly more bold and arrogant, and Lifebloom suggested he demonstrate his prowess by taking down the next two earth elementals by himself.  He began, but the hunter in our group accidentally pulled one off, and I tanked it.

He was rather pleased with his accomplishment, but Bloom wasn’t impressed.  She said, “The hunter pulled one off you!  You should take the next group.”

I said in guild chat, “30 seconds til we can boot him!”

He stood up from drinking, prepared to run in…And I initiated a vote to kick him, which obviously passed.

Our Princess kill was mercifully quiet.  Silence, in this case, is Epic.

In the end, I didn’t beat him in DPS, nor did he die…but he beat me by very little, a percent or less if I remember correctly, and I was in blues, greens, and heirloom gear.  I think that speaks volumes about his skill level.

Moral: Just because you have high DPS does not necessarily mean that people will put up with your bullshit, and just because you’re over-geared does not necessarily mean that you’re a good player.