aka Leigh and Bloom versus the Asshat Trio

Most times, when you find yourself saddled with a bad case of rotten dps, it’s only a single problem individual. Sometimes, however, the random dungeon system conspires against you and throws you in with three spectacular idiots.

On this occasion we found ourselves in the Scarlet Monastary Armory with a shaman, a rogue, and a mage. The rogue’s name was Dirtmagnet, from the Cho’gall server; the shaman was Bluedebil, from Stormreaver; I don’t know who the mage was. As we fought our way through the outer courtyard, it quickly became obvious that we were dealing with some fun people, as the mage started pulling mobs with his pyroblast.

Leigh told him to stop with the goddamn pulling, and we headed down the stairs into the Armory itself. Leigh engaged the group of three Scarlet Crusaders that congregate there, and the shaman, following us down the stairs, stepped off to the side and dropped his totems exactly in the right place to aggro the next group of mobs, which joined us.

Leigh tanked the whole lot of them, and then paused to ask the shaman to watch where he dropped his totems.

It was like some sort of secret signal for all of them to become complete assholes. I mean, seriously, is there a society of assholes out there? Do you have some kind of code phrase to all drop your mask of civility and start jabbering like apes? Did we just hit the right combination of words by accident?

All three of them started mocking her at once, the shaman retorting that he would drop his totems on the floor wherever he wanted, the rogue suggesting he do something with the totems I shan’t repeat, and the mage taunting her for wanting to be cautious.

So we did what any responsible tank and healer duo would do. Right in the middle of the next pull, we dropped group, returned to Stormwind, and left them to die.

Pretty cunning, don’t you think?

Moral: Come on, people. Insulting the tank? Really? You really think that’s a good way to get your run finished? It’s nothing at all for a tank to find a new group. The tank will be in a new group and rolling along before you’re even finished dying, nevermind before you can find a new tank to play idiot with.

Also, I hate people who think that internet anonymity is a green light to be a complete fuckwit. Some would say that it’s the internet, it doesn’t matter. I would contend that the things you do when you think no one is watching say an awful lot about you.