aka Leigh and Bloom versus the Whiniest Warrior

The next tale launches us ahead several levels. Remarkably, we managed to get through Cathedral and Uldaman without any memorable dps stories (though more on a Cathedral incident in a future post related to wipes). In this latest installment we find our heroes trapped in the bowels of Maraudon (orange side) with the whiniest warrior ever.

Leigh will be able to supply me with this warrior’s name later, but first let me paint you a bit of a background.

EDIT: the warrior in question is Galvatorix, from the Hellscream server.

Leigh and Bloom occasionally indulge in a few mild in-character roleplaying elements. I am more guilty of this than she, but one of hers comes in the form of the macro she has attached to her Hand of Reckoning taunt, a paladin tank staple whenever dps pulls a mob or there’s something on the healer or the mage opens with a pyroblast on the wrong target, et cetera. When Leigh hits this button to save your ungrateful ass, she /yells at the mob to get the fuck off her dps. The mobs listen. Wouldn’t you?

The fury warrior in our group didn’t like this. Not because he found the concept of cursing offensive, but because having a /yell on his chat box annoyed him. He complained about it for a few pulls and then told her to stop it. I told him that we didn’t know if we liked him enough to want to do that.

A couple pulls later we found ourselves at Noxxion, the poison elemental boss. He drops a useless nature resist trinket most of the time (as an aside, once we had a shaman roll need on that trinket because it could cure poison on use with a five minute cooldown; he then defended his choice of rolling need, until Leigh pointed out that as a shaman, he has an instant-cast poison cleansing ability of his own, and then she exposed the fact that he didn’t know how disenchanting worked, what a UI was, or why it would have been better to roll for the shard). Okaythatwasalongaside! Anyway, this time he dropped some plate bracers with 15 strength and 5 stamina.

Both Leigh and the warrior rolled need, both legitimately. Leigh won, and the warrior immediately launched into a veritable crusade of whining about how she should give it to him because it was no good for her.

She and I both defended her choice. As someone who plays a level 80 paladin tank myself, I noted that strength is an important stat. Not only does it increase her threat generation, but paladins are extremely block-based — with talents and abilities, they are often rolling around in significant time-portions of fights with a 65% or greater block chance. Strength increases the amount she blocks each time, which at this level of content extends her lifespan in a similar manner to what stamina does. It’s only at later levels when strength becomes one of those stats that you just sort of accumulate on your tanking gear without thinking about, when stamina, defense, dodge, parry, hit, and expertise take centre stage.

The whiniest warrior was not appeased. He informed us that he too had an 80 prot pally, and kept on complaining. Leigh got fed up with him and told him that he was incredibly annoying. She asked sarcastically if he was 12.

He responded, with some indignation, that he was in fact fourteen. Everyone in the group found this fairly amusing.

At this point, as his ceaseless whining refused to, well, cease, Leigh told him that she was putting him on ignore so she didn’t have to listen to him. This did not disaude him at all. He continued to berate her even though she couldn’t hear him anymore. His insults escalated in party chat, and then he stated heatedly that no one else in the group had a problem with him, only her.

In order to prove him wrong, I initiated a vote to kick him from the group. The vote passed, he was removed, and the other dps said thank you.

Moral: People DO have a problem with you. If you don’t like that, try being less brain-achingly annoying. I feel confident that would be a good first step.