aka Leigh and Bloom vs the Sabotaging Hunter.

It was a Sunken Temple run like any other…I weaved my way through the instance, guiding my party members with my mad leet directional skills.  We had killed all of the trolls on the upper level and had descended to the lower, smushing dragons as we went.  On our way to Jammal’an the Prophet, one of my teammates posed a question: would we be killing Atal’alarion?

Normally, we skip this boss–generally speaking, no one wants to bother going into the basement of an already very long dungeon to kill a boss that needs to be unlocked with a puzzle, and whose loot table is rather small.  I had killed him once before in the possibly hundreds of times Bloom and I had been to this instance.  But our peer needed him for a quest, so we killed the Prophet and obliged him.

(I may have possibly pulled a fail move and jumped down from the middle, but shh, don’t tell anyone!)

At any rate, we got down there and began clearing out trash, which was going pretty well, but our hunter, a charming individual named Porktits, was being impatient and pulling groups by herself.  I asked her to stop, and promptly set her waiting at one of the statues to keep her out of trouble.

After I had carried on and set two more people at statues, I can only assume it dawned on her what I had done.  Either that, or she made a mistake and was so startled that she only typed the first two letters of an expletive…

She said, “fu” in party chat, to which I responded with, “?”

Seconds later, someone exclaimed that she had cast a volley into a group on the second level, and that angry mobs were running up to visit us.

I assumed the worst of her.

“Drop group.” I told Bloom in guild chat.

She and I both did so, and were saved from a gruesome death at the hands of undead tree things.  Yay!

Moral: Uh, when instances are set up to teleport you out upon leaving the group, it’s hard to fuck people over by pulling mobs onto them.  So an idea is, to not try it.  Everyone will be happier, and will have more experience and fewer repair bills, if you don’t try to fuck everyone over.