I cannot imagine what odd sequence of events led you to this page. Perhaps you were trying to find the Too Pretty For Pie blog and you made a typo; perhaps your cat jumped on your keyboard and this was the result. Either way, here you are.

This is a blog about the continuing adventures of Leighroy and Lifebloom in World of Warcraft. Leighroy is a protection paladin who tanks enemies while topping damage charts, and Lifebloom is a restoration druid who climbs on things and keeps people alive. At the time of this writing we are level 50.

Leigh and Bloom have been levelling exclusively through the new Random Dungeon system. As a tank and healer duo, it’s safe to say that we suffer no wait time. We queue up, and we go. We are unafraid in the face of large pulls. We are unstoppable in the shadow of danger. We are cleansing Azeroth of its darkest corners. And we are <Too Pretty To Die>.

I have Healbot running, but I don't actually use it. Does that make me weird?

A regular day in the office for <Too Pretty To Die>. Here we banter about imaginary flowers as Leighroy tops the damage chart and Lifebloom casts an unnecessary Regrowth. Hey, sometimes she gets bored.

And yet … we have a singular weakness.

We have to group with dps.

Leigh would, at this juncture, point out that we don’t have to group with them. If we wanted to to, we could walk to the dungeon the old fashioned way and two-man ’em. This is not an exaggeration, we could have done that all the way into our 40s. It would have been slow going, but it could have been done. We group with dps for convenience and for random loot bags.

And dps, well … sometimes dps is good. Sometimes you meet a player who knows his or her stuff, who lays down the lumber and kicks ass, who doesn’t take aggro or whine or pull mobs or just generally do everything possible to screw up the run. But other times, you meet dps players who do exactly those things, and who simply will not listen when you suggest that perhaps they should alter their strategy.

And that’s why we needed a blog.

We need to tell you the stories. The stories about the people we meet in our random dungeon adventures, and the sometimes horrible things they do. Maybe you’ll learn something. Maybe you’ll see us talking about a player you know. Maybe you’ll just get a laugh as you recognize a situation you’ve been in yourself.

The posts to follow this will include excerpts from our previous misadventures, a taste of the horrors we’ve bravely fought through and tales of some of the dps we’ve found ourselves grouped with.

There’s just one thing to remember: no matter how bad the dps, we are just too pretty for Blizzard to let us die.